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Director: Miguel Angel Calvo Buttini
Writer: Miguel Angel Calvo Buttini & Alvaro Lion-Depetre
Cast: Diego Morgado (The Bible, The Son of God)

 Co-production: Spain/France/Canada

Mary is in love with Harry, a perfectly neat young man whom she sees daily at work as they both work in the same department store. When she is fired, she refuses to tell her family that she is out of a job. Mary decides to stay in the department store and with the help of Harry, the security guard, she settles there at night; making the bed department her bedroom. During the day, she joins with ongoing and increasing pleasure, a traveling circus close to the department store. It is where Harry’s father, Jo, a taxi driver and failed magician goes regularly to meet a bunch of old friends. Jo named his son Harry out of devotion for Houdini, but Harry hates his name and despises his father's love for the circus and the man his father calls "the greatest of all". One night, as Mary is almost asleep in the store, she hears a strange noise coming from a big cupboard close to her bed. She opens it to discover a man trying to get rid of his chains ...It is the Great Houdini himself!