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Director: Carl Bessai
Writer: Michael Achtman & Brad Fraser

Production: Canada/Brazil

A fish-out-of-water tale, Inez is a comedic drama about an eccentric Brazilian nun who comes to Toronto to sell a valuable family heirloom, only to find her faith, and resolve tested by the secular world.

Inez is encouraged by her ongoing dialogue with the Virgin Mary to make a trip from her small Brazilian village to the bustling foreign metropolis of Toronto, where she hopes to find salvation for her destitute convent through the sale of her great Grandmothers’s precious bible. When she arrives in the strange city and gets deceived by her buyer, she falls upon the hospitality of a long lost childhood friend Hector, who is the common law partner of a flamboyant fashion designer, Philippe. Her journey to redeem herself and save her convent takes some surprising turns as she falls for Alistair, the police detective assigned to her case. In pursuit of the thief, she enlists the help of Hector and Philippe, a posse of drag queens, and a group of immigrant strippers who all touch her heart and change her mind about the real purpose of her journey.